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ASRock Inc., founded in 2002, is a motherboard manufacturer with proven expertise in the field. ASRock successfully made its mark in the industry while developing its brand.

The company’s innovative approach has been expressed by designing motherboards to comply with the “3C” concept, which stands for “Creativity, Consideration, and Cost-Effectiveness.”

Along with focusing on the company’s success, the brand is concerned about the environment. As a result, it places a strong emphasis on developing environmentally friendly products.

Affordable computer components and parts in Kuwait

ASRock is a rapidly expanding brand that is now the world’s third-largest motherboard manufacturer. Their headquarters are in Taiwan, and they also have branches in Europe and the United States.

The company caters to the needs of various types of users, ranging from mainstream to enthusiast MB segments. Overall, the brand is well-known throughout the world for its dependability and high-quality services.