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Buy Top-rated Backup Devices & Media from I.T. Megabyte Computers

What is the purpose of using such low-quality backup devices, when you are not sure about your data security and its protection. Really, you need high-quality storage devices, there. Even your files and system demand to secure them at a better place that ensures the safety standards. 

Feeling the same? Then, we have something that you’re looking for. Presenting a wide range of Backup devices & media storage solutions that keep most of your files protected and secured. Overall, choose the perfect storage solutions that let you feel relaxed and make your files readily available when you need them. Here we refer the best because we know you deserve the best. 

300.000 KD
27.000 KD
85.000 KD
120.000 KD
20.000 KD
47.000 KD
37.000 KD
20.000 KD
25.000 KD
18.000 KD