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Our lifestyle today needs a lot of electronic devices that make it more convenient and easier. But be it, a remote or a torch, almost every electronic device needs a cell to function. Furthermore, an efficient and premium battery has a longer life that never comes in between the seamless operation of your electronic devices.

At I.T. Megabyte Computers, you get to explore a wide range of battery cells sourced from premium brands to ensure durability and reliability. These things are small and basic, but very essential at the same time.

Types of Battery Cells:

AA: These are alkaline ones used to boost high performance in high-drain devices. These are three times more efficient than AA ones.

AAA: This is an ideal dry cell one used for portable and low-drain devices.

Coin Cell: These come with high voltage and high density.  In addition, a single coin battery can easily replace the efficiency provided by two or three standards ones