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USB cables are a household need today. Considering the number of devices each person owns, it is an essential item in our bags. Whether it is charging or data transfer it can do it all. But they can be used even better if you know the difference between types and versions, and how these influence which connectors and cables you use.

Before buying a cable, you must be aware of the port that you will be using. Whether it is USB Type-C or USB Type-B Micro.

USB connectors are commonly called ‘male’ connectors that plug into the ‘female’ port.

We use USB cable with almost any device, from all computers (desktops, laptops, etc.), tablets, Games consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, etc.), and Smart TVs. They are also useful to connect DVD and Blu-Ray players, Peripherals (e.g. keyboards, mice), and even Flash drives/memory sticks.

At I.T. Megabyte Computers online store, you can find just any cable type that you may be looking for. They are high-end on quality and pocket-friendly in size and cost as well.

You can choose from international brands available on our website. We only deal in original and verified products.

We serve our customers with utmost care and compassion.

7.000 KWD

Power Adapters & Cables

USB To RJ45 Cable Extender

4.000 KWD
4.500 KWD

Power Adapters & Cables

Belkin Micro USB Cable 2 Meter

2.500 KWD

Power Adapters & Cables

Apple USB-C Charge Cable – 1 Meter

6.500 KWD
7.500 KWD

Power Adapters & Cables

Apple USB-C To SD Card Reader

12.500 KWD