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USB Flash Drives & Memory Cards are every millennial’s best friend. Storage, data back-up, and transferring of computer files have become an everyday affair. This is why such portable storage devices are a must-have in every home and office drawer.  Flash drives are compatible with almost any device and operating system if it has a USB port. They are plug-and-play devices. Insert it into the port and you are good to go.  Memory cards on the other hand become a part of your primary device that is needed to be backed up. They practically need to be inserted within the PC or mobile phone for them to function as an extended memory.

Easy to carry around

The modern day Flash Drives & Memory Cards have replaced the old school CDs and heavyweight memory disks. They fit into your palm and travel along in your pockets weighing less than 30 gm each. They are also super easy to install and use. These devices last long. They can sustain 500-3000 writes depending upon the multi level cell used.

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USB Flash Drives & Memory Cards

Kingston 64GB DataTraveler MicroDuo 3.0

5.000 KD
1.000 KD
2.500 KD
24.000 KD

USB Flash Drives & Memory Cards

Sandisk 64GB Cruzer Snap USB 2.0 Flash Drive

2.500 KD
3.500 KD
4.500 KD
7.500 KD
19.000 KD