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The USB Bluetooth adapters enable computers and laptops to connect wirelessly to your other Bluetooth devices. Using Bluetooth technology, they connect with other devices wirelessly through a USB port. The ultimate advantage to use this adapter is you never have to add extra hardware to your systems. Moreover, due to their universal functionality, they come in the same sizes and shapes, but the quality may differ depending on manufacturers. 

Not sure about which adapter is perfect for your requirements? Then, here we have a list for you to choose from. Every adapter that we mention here is of the best quality plus enables the fastest speed as well. Overall, you can use this Bluetooth adapters with any operating system, such as windows, Mac OS and so on.

6.500 KWD
5.000 KWD
4.000 KWD
6.000 KWD
4.000 KWD
4.000 KWD
10.000 KWD