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SSDs are solid-state storage devices. They are secondary storage devices to computer storage. When compared with other electromechanical devices, they are durable with a solid exterior, less noisy, quicker, and have low latency.

Types of SSDs

There are 2 types,


A PC that uses a SATA SSD has three to four times the bandwidth than a PC using a hard drive. They look just like laptop hard drives. Further, these are more easily available and are cheaper than PCIe-NVMeSSDs


NVMe stands for nonvolatile memory express. There are also PCIe-NVMe SSDs. PCIe stands for peripheral component interconnect express. A PC using the fastest PCIe-NVMe reads and writes at four or five times the speed of a PC using a SATA SSD. Therefore, these are more expensive than SATA. Also, they need a motherboard with PCIe slots for installation.

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