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  • UPS

    Elix 1500 UPS 1.5KV Uninterruptible Power Supply 1500VA – 900W ATLAS+ 1500

    Elix 1500 UPS 1.5KV, Uninterruptible Power Supply , 1500VA – 900W , ATLAS+ 1500
    Recharge Time – 6 hours
    Backup Time – up to 50 minutes ( 1 PC )
    USB + RJ45

    80.000 KD
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  • Mini Computers

    ZOTAC ZBOX BI319 – Intel N2807 dual core, 1.58 Ghz, up to 2.16 GHz

    Experience a rich multimedia experience with the energy-efficient ZOTAC ZBOX BI319 series mini-PCs. Powered by an energy-sipping dual-core Intel processor, the ZOTAC ZBOX BI319 delivers a great computing experience for typical daily tasks such as web browsing, checking e-mail and productivity tasks. Intel HD Graphics technology enhances the ZOTAC ZBOX BI319 series with excellent multimedia capabilities for stunning and smooth high-definition video playback capabilities. Intel Quick Sync Video technology leverages the ZOTAC ZBOX BI319 series integrated graphics processor to transcode video formats for mobile devices quickly and easily.

    90.000 KD
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  • Network Ethernet Cables

    UTP Pull Box Ethernet Cable Cat6 – 1000 Feet

    Cat6 style UTP (unshielded twisted pair) CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum) 23 AWG bulk Ethernet cable in easy to use pull box is ideal for your network installation. Case contains 1000 feet of wire with dark grey jacket. This unshielded cable comes in its own spool box and is connector free, giving the user the freedom to customize the length, wiring, and application. Please note this is Cat6 style cable made from CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum)
    – For indoor use
    – Patch cables
    – Crossover cables
    – Other network installations
    – 4-pair unshielded twisted pair
    – 1000 FT Cat6
    – 23 AWG Solid CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum)

    65.000 KD
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  • Connectors

    RJ45 Connectors For CAT6 Cable – 50 pieces

    12.500 KD
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  • Connectors

    RJ11 Plug Round Solid Connector 50 Piece

    RJ11 connectors for 4 Conductor Solid Wire Round Phone Cables. Crimp on RJ11 connectors. 4 conductor type. Clear plastic housing. For Solid wire round cables. Monoprice continually strives to improve its product line to bring our customers the best products available.

    2.000 KD
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  • Phone Cables

    Telephone Extension Cord Cable Line Wire 100 Feet – 30 Meter

    For use with telephones, fax machines, modems, answering machines, etc.
    Standard male
    Standard male RJ-11 plugs at both ends.

    5.500 KD
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  • Keyboards & Mouses

    Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard All-In-One K400 Plus

    There’s no learning curve. You already know how to use the K400 Plus. Your media interactions are enhanced with comfortable keys, easy-access volume controls, and an arrow-key layout that simplifies navigation. A second left-click button permits two-hand navigation and selection. Shortcuts simplify control for Android and Windows users. Hot keys work right from the box—no configuration is required.
    Just plug the tiny Unifying receiver into a USB port and you’re ready to go. Plus, you can use the keyboard receiver to wirelessly connect up to six Unifying devices to your computer. You can use K400 Plus with Windows 10 or later, Windows 8 or 7, Android 5.0 or later, or Chrome OS.

    14.500 KD
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  • Keyboards & Mouses

    Logitech Wireless Mouse M235 – Black

    The wireless mouse from Logitech combines comfort and convenience all in one. The mouse is designed to be stylish and reliable. With beautiful curves, and soft rubber grips the mouse is easy on the eyes and easy to use. You will get full control when tracking, selecting text, and when using the cursor.

    6.500 KD
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  • Keyboards & Mouses

    Logitech Wireless Mouse M175 – Black

    With M175 you are assured of getting the high quality and reliability you deserve. No software, no hassles. The tiny nano receiver works right away and is small enough to leave in your USB port so you won’t lose it.

    4.500 KD
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