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Established in 2009, ORICO Technologies Co., Ltd has its headquarter in Shenzhen.  Moreover, as a subsidiary brand ORICO is a highly innovative and high-tech enterprise worldwide. That focuses primarily on technology related to USB charging and data transmission.

Also, the brand possesses the proven expertise in the design, manufacturing, and R&D of the entire production chain. The company has a high-level team of professional engineers with expertise in structural engineering, electronic engineering, and so on. Overall, the company provides thousands of products ranging from USB storage solutions and expansion, chargers, digital accessories, and high-quality peripherals.

9.000 KWD
5.000 KWD

Hard Drive Enclosures

Orico Type C 2.5″ HDD Case

5.500 KWD

Hard Drive Enclosures

Orico M.2 SSD Enclosure

10.000 KWD
20.000 KWD
4.500 KWD
5.000 KWD
4.000 KWD