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Transcend is a manufacturer of digital storage, multimedia, and industrial products. It is one of the global leaders in this business segment.

They have based their headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, with 13 offices worldwide.

Not only do they manufacture but also design and market their products globally.

The company lays emphasis on customer centric policies, high quality, and professional services. Further, they also believe in quick turnaround response to changing market needs.

Transcend Products and Solutions are available on our website.

They are a total quality control organization. Also, they are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and QC080000 certified.

Their offices across the world form strong logistic support that helps to keep employees and customers linked to their latest innovations through technology.

The company keeps its eye on the future and constantly innovates and evolves to serve the customers’ expectations. This is also the reason that they hold their leading position in the global market.

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USB Flash Drives & Memory Cards

Transcend 64GB USB 3.0 JetFlash Drive

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