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Vention helps you design and build your customer industrial machines within days. In fact, they follow a step by step process to help you do so.

  • Design your machine on the simplest online CAD
  • You can draw inspiration from their public online designs or even build one of your own within minutes.
  • Program and simulate your machine directly on your browser.
  • You can build a broad range of automated equipment. You do not need to worry about the complexity.
  • Once you have completed the design, review your build materials.
  • Select your shipping and billing options and order.
  • You will receive your part kit within days.
  • Assemble your machine using simple tools provided within.

The process is simple, quick, and efficient.

Go ahead and design your machine today.

Receive it tomorrow.

Power Adapters & Cables

Vention VGA To HDMI Converter

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6.500 KD
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